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Beautiful, glowing skin is timeless and never goes out of style. Clients of all ages can enjoy the wonderful revitalized look and feel of a personalized facial as it triggers cellular renewal, boosts collagen production, removes damaged skin cells, and nourishes the pores. Our facials for patients in the Pismo Beach, San Luis Obispo and Santa Maria, CA areas can help soften and purify the complexion, maximizing the brightest of your unique essence.

What is a facial?

On a daily basis, the skin faces an overload of toxins from the environment compounded by sun exposure, dirt, debris, and oil. This results in clogged pores, wrinkles and lines, and skin discoloration. Regardless of where you live, pollution can take a toll on your appearance. 

Facials at Aesthera in Pismo Beach can help to revive the skin, reversing damage incurred over weeks, months, and years. They can help regenerate healthy skin cells while protecting the complexion from future onslaught

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How can you benefit from a facial?

Our medical-grade facials in Pismo Beach are customized to address your unique concerns, comfort levels, and lifestyles. Our team of credentialed skincare authorities has a deep understanding of the latest products, techniques, and emerging cosmetic devices and can craft a treatment plan that results in a naturally elegant and youthful aesthetic.

Facials at Aesthera Medical Spa

Premier Spa Facial | 90 minutes

This premier 90-minute spa facial will give you every experience of Aesthera’s Signature Treatment with added services to elevate and enhance your results. Additional treatments include a customized Hydrojelly mask, hand and arm massage, Celluma LED, and oxygen infusion.

Signature Spa Facial | 60 minutes

An hour-long spa facial utilizing medical-grade skincare. A completely customized treatment including a deep cleanse under steam, microdermabrasion, exfoliation with an enzyme or gentle hydroxy acid, extractions, customized mask, neck/shoulder massage, and custom finishing products.

Pregnancy Spa Facial | 60 minutes

Created to pamper and relax the Mama to be! This treatment mirrors our Signature Spa Facial but is designed with pregnancy safe products in mind. Extra measures will be taken to ensure your physical comfort. 

Dermaplane Spa Facial | 60 minutes

Our Dermaplane Facial utilizes a gentle blade to exfoliate the outermost layer of dead skin. Vellus hair is removed, revealing ultra-smooth skin. Following your dermaplane, a customized Hydrojelly mask and finishing products will be applied. This treatment is safe for expectant mothers.

Standalone Dermaplane Treatment | 30 minutes

Ideal for frequent dermaplaning. Includes cleanse, dermaplane, and finishing products. Not performed as a spa facial.

Microdermabrasion | 60 minutes

Three passes of a diamond tip microdermabrasion are performed over wet products to protect the skin for a truly comfortable resurfacing treatment. Each treatment is finished with Celluma LED light therapy. This treatment can be modified for expectant mothers.

Go & Glow | 30 minutes

This treatment will gently exfoliate away dull, lackluster skin. Lactic and glycolic acids will reveal brighter and healthier skin with no downtime. This treatment is ideal for anyone short on time but wanting big results!

Teen Facial | 30 minutes

Exclusively created for Aesthera’s pre-teen and teen patients. Designed to treat teenage skin as well as educate your teen on the basics of proper daily skincare. Receive 10% off any products recommended on the day of their treatment.

Skincare Consultation | 30 minutes

Take an in-depth look into your current regimen with a customized skincare consultation. We’ll discuss your current homecare; what works, what doesn’t, and how we can adjust your routine to meet your skincare goals. Includes a customized treatment plan to take home.

Treatment Add-on’s:

  • Additional Extractions with High Frequency | 15 minutes
  • Hydrojelly Mask | 15 minutes
  • Hyaluronic Neck & Eye Treatment
  • Celluma LED | 15 minutes
  • Dermaplaning | 30 minutes
  • Hydrafacial Booster | 15 minutes
  • Hydrafacial Eye or Lip Treatment (Includes take home serum)
  • ZO Accelerated Serum (Includes take home serum)
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What happens after my facial?

Our licensed aestheticians will ensure that you go home with personalized recommendations for medical-grade skincare products that will help you to maintain your results over time. After a facial, you should avoid picking at, rubbing, or otherwise disturbing the skin. Postpone using heavy makeup and other cosmetic products that might block the newly refreshed pores. For the first few days, avoid saunas, hot tubs, and exposure to intense heat. Your skin has already been steamed, so it needs time to rest and recover.

How often can I undergo a facial?

Some facials can be undergone once a month, while others, such as a medium to deep chemical peel, will be a far less frequent endeavor. We can provide you with a follow-up plan after your initial appointment.

Why choose Aesthera Medical Spa?

At Aesthera, we are dedicated to preserving, rejuvenating, and replenishing your most precious asset: your skin. Our aim is to celebrate your innate beauty and natural elegance. As such, we provide access to a range of cutting-edge skincare treatments, injectables, and non-invasive solutions to combat aesthetic imperfections and the signs of aging. We help our central coast clients to feel empowered and energized, and confident that they look and feel their absolute best with premier facials in Pismo Beach

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