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If you suffer from the symptoms of rosacea, you are not alone. You are one of the 16 million Americans who are living with this condition. At Aesthera, our concierge aesthetics practice in Pismo Beach, California, we can help you face the world with fresh, healthy, evenly-toned skin. Our focus on overall wellness helps us resolve rosacea with a more thorough approach to body health and confidence.

What is rosacea?

Board-certified nurse practitioner Shonra Weiss, with the support of our medical team of Dr. Cary Fitchmun and Dr. Megan Malzone, will focus on helping you resolve the uncomfortable symptoms of rosacea. This skin condition can include reddened skin or pimples on your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin. Often called “adult acne,” rosacea is an inflammatory condition affecting the skin. It may flare up due to stress, the environment, alcohol, or spicy foods. Did you know rosacea can be more than just redness and breakouts? It also can cause watery eyes or soreness in the eyelids and eyes or thickening of the skin – usually around the nose. The four subtypes of rosacea are facial redness, skin thickening, eye irritation, and bumps and pimples.

How is rosacea treated at Aesthera?

Each subtype of rosacea has unique characteristics with different methods of treatment. From your first visit to Aesthera, our goal is to help you achieve real-world relief. Whether it’s through topical anti-inflammatory products like SkinCeuticals, a HydraFacial, or a chemical peel, we use the latest technology and most innovative products to give you the highest level of satisfaction when it comes to treating and resolving rosacea.

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What is the treatment experience?

Each rosacea-related treatment we perform at Aesthera is similar in its overall goal of reducing the inflammation symptoms caused by rosacea, although the approach can vary. They could include:

  • SkinCeuticals: These anti-inflammatory serums and lotions have been scientifically-proven to improve the look of redness while also calming your skin.
  • HydraFacial: This facial uses water and serums to gently clean and exfoliate your skin, while also soothing it. It can take up to 60 minutes to complete this service.
  • Chemical Peels: This treatment uses a lower percentage of glycolic acid chemical peel to help exfoliate your skin. It can be performed every two to three weeks.
  • ZO Skin Health: ZO Skin Health provides treatments for all skin types and skin concerns from cleansing and toning to potent retinol and acne control treatments.

What is the recovery time?

We want you to feel your best in a safe, pressure-free environment. While the recovery for each treatment may be different, we will empower you with all the recovery tools and information you need to set you up for your success. 

Initially, after a chemical peel, your skin will be pinker – that is the new healthy skin appearing. While your skin is healing, avoid the sun, and if you do, use sunscreen if you do go out. A HydraFacial has no recovery time, and the SkinCeuticals treatments can be applied at home and do not involve any downtime.

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Why choose Aesthera for your rosacea treatments in Pismo Beach

Our mission at Aesthera is to help you look better, feel better, and live better. Our team of Shonra Weiss, nurse practitioner and aesthetic nurse specialist, along with Dr. Cary Fitchmun, Dr. Megan Malzone, and our board-certified aesthetic nurse specialist Terralyn Reid, can help you achieve relief from the symptoms of rosacea.

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