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Nicole Stevens has a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing, is a Registered Nurse, and an Aesthetic Nurse Specialist here at Aesthera.

For Nicole, beauty is not uniform—it is unique and to be claimed by every individual. She strives to empower her clients to capture this beauty through confidence and timelessness that truly radiates from the inside out.

Education and background

Nicole grew up here on the Central Coast. She has a deep-rooted love for this area and the community that lives here. She graduated from CSU Channel Islands Nursing Program at Cottage Health System and spent the initial portion of her career honing her skills in emergency medicine. During her time in the Emergency Department, she has developed proficiency in determining the urgency of diverse illnesses and injuries based on focused assessments and patient presentation. She has experience in administering a vast array of medications and life saving treatments. Nicole’s background marries an aptitude for patient safety and research based solutions with a passion for customer service, beauty and artistry.

On a personal note…

"My goal is to make my patients feel heard. This is a collective journey. We are working together to achieve a sense of balance and rejuvenation that doesn’t camouflage your natural beauty, while prioritizing your health and wellness along the way."

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