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If you plan on undergoing an aesthetic procedure, you are a person who is likely to value health and wellness. At Aesthera, we can offer you the benefits of concierge medicine through our partners at The Arroyo Medical Group.  With the healthcare landscape changing so quickly, many patients are looking for enhanced advocacy and support from their physician. For those patients, The Arroyo Group has an optional health and wellness program for you called “Concierge Choice.” 

How do I become a member of the Concierge Choice Program at Aesthera?

We would be happy to answer that and any other questions you might have. Just give us a call at (805) 474-2611 to learn how healthcare can be comprehensive, convenient and comfortable just for you.  

How does Concierge Choice work at Aesthera?

Concierge Choice is an exclusive membership program that you can join in order to receive a focused level of service that is not typically available in traditional medical practices. While quality care and convenience is at the backbone of The Arroyo Group, our Concierge Choice program takes your personalized care even further, offering you a special bundle of enhanced  healthcare services: 

  • An annual comprehensive physical—includes a variety of specialized health risk appraisals and screenings that go beyond a traditional physical 
  • Same-day or next-day appointments 
  • Dedicated concierge hours so appointments are scheduled for longer and start on time
  • Relaxed visits so that you can feel comfortable asking all of your questions
  • Your doctor’s availability after hours and on weekends via their private cell phone number
  • Convenient email communication for non-urgent matters
  • A private office telephone number to call for appointments or with questions
  • Facilitation with pharmacies and insurance claims
  • Enhanced coordination of care with specialists and other health providers
  • Complimentary removal of cosmetic benign skin lesion 

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